A Gypsy Soul

We love where we live.  I tell people it is so sweet living here, I call it Candyland.  My parents (AKA the Cute Little Old People) live next door, we are one mile from the John C Campbell Folk School, and we live in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, part of my heritage.  I know that traveling the way we do is part of our here and now, and I enjoy the adventures of new towns, new people and new foods.  I also enjoy the delight of revisiting favorite towns, restaurants and breweries.  Going to shows affords us the wonderful opportunity to live in a rural community and make our living by selling what we make in a variety of venues across the country.  We tend to stay in an 8 hour travel radius, the exception being traveling to MI where my twin and nieces live.

I've learned that embracing a Gypsy Soul means coming to terms with uncertainties in many things, while appreciating the constant of others.  Some uncertainties come in the form of show attendance, weather and buyers (and how the stock market and politics affect spending).  Some constants come in the form of how well the Sweet Man and I travel together, how much we enjoy the journey and how much dirty laundry always lives on our bedroom floor.  It is also super sweet to come home to the vibrant community that clusters around the Folk School.  Variables exist in the occasional kiln mishap or flat tire.  And to balance the mishaps, is the gift of family being nearby to be Chicken Sitters while we are gone. 

There are times that feel frenzied and chaotic, that's when it is time to stop and take a deep breath and regroup.  I had one of those moment's yesterday when I cut some clay wrong, and it delayed my progress on a piece I was working on.  Deadlines can be stressful, but I've come to realize, the outcome is not the end of the world.  I am in a place with clay and with life where I am rising to the occasion to make and create the best I can.  Embracing a Gypsy Soul allows me to release the outcome while embracing the process.  For that I am Grateful.

Embrace your own Gypsy Soul as you see fit.  And if you are on the road or living near one of our upcoming shows, come say hello:

August 19-20   Lexington KY
Sept 9-11          Rochester, MI
Sept 23-25      Nashville, TN