The end of this years show season!

We’ve had a great year on the road and are looking forward to our last show of the season, the annual Seagrove Pottery Festival. We love doing this show, being with an array of regional talent that showcases some of the states best potters. And we love that we are coming to the end of our gypsy lifestyle of traveling to shows for the year!

Once we get home, it is all about our Christmas Open House, new work, a VERY CLEAN studio, holiday cheer along with 20% off all work, or 50% red dot sales! Mark your calendar and come see us!

New Year, New Shows!

We are excited to attend two shows close to home for our first time.  In February we'll be heading an hour away to Helen GA for the 42nd Annual Fireside Arts and Crafts Show.  We'll stay at the Unicoi State Park lodge and enjoy eating in their tavern (yes, positive culinary opportunities are always a goal in traveling.)  In March, we'll be two of over 100 regional potters at the Catawba Valley Pottery and Antique Festival held in the Hickory Convention Center.  Hickory is only three hours from home.  What a nice way to start the year with new people to meet and places to go :)

Christmas and End of Year Studio Sale

December 10 & 11, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year when we celebrate the end of our show schedule!!  We spend the last two weeks in the studio making glorious functional pottery and CLEANING!   Our open house will be on both Saturday and Sunday from 10-4ALL INVENTORY is 20% off with 50% off on Red Dot Items!!!    Come see the assortment of beautiful raku pots and lamps along with garden sculpture, image transfer "quote work" and beautiful mugs, goblets, plates, and more.  Holiday music will be playing and we will happily fill your newly purchased vessels with mulled wine or spirited coffee!  Come enjoy some holiday cheer with us.  We will be so happy to see you!


A Gypsy Soul

We love where we live.  I tell people it is so sweet living here, I call it Candyland.  My parents (AKA the Cute Little Old People) live next door, we are one mile from the John C Campbell Folk School, and we live in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, part of my heritage.  I know that traveling the way we do is part of our here and now, and I enjoy the adventures of new towns, new people and new foods.  I also enjoy the delight of revisiting favorite towns, restaurants and breweries.  Going to shows affords us the wonderful opportunity to live in a rural community and make our living by selling what we make in a variety of venues across the country.  We tend to stay in an 8 hour travel radius, the exception being traveling to MI where my twin and nieces live.

I've learned that embracing a Gypsy Soul means coming to terms with uncertainties in many things, while appreciating the constant of others.  Some uncertainties come in the form of show attendance, weather and buyers (and how the stock market and politics affect spending).  Some constants come in the form of how well the Sweet Man and I travel together, how much we enjoy the journey and how much dirty laundry always lives on our bedroom floor.  It is also super sweet to come home to the vibrant community that clusters around the Folk School.  Variables exist in the occasional kiln mishap or flat tire.  And to balance the mishaps, is the gift of family being nearby to be Chicken Sitters while we are gone. 

There are times that feel frenzied and chaotic, that's when it is time to stop and take a deep breath and regroup.  I had one of those moment's yesterday when I cut some clay wrong, and it delayed my progress on a piece I was working on.  Deadlines can be stressful, but I've come to realize, the outcome is not the end of the world.  I am in a place with clay and with life where I am rising to the occasion to make and create the best I can.  Embracing a Gypsy Soul allows me to release the outcome while embracing the process.  For that I am Grateful.

Embrace your own Gypsy Soul as you see fit.  And if you are on the road or living near one of our upcoming shows, come say hello:

August 19-20   Lexington KY
Sept 9-11          Rochester, MI
Sept 23-25      Nashville, TN

Another Great Week at the Folk School!

We had eight students in our throwing and Raku firing class last week at the John C. Campbell Folk School!  Two students had never touched clay on the wheel before and there was a wonderful range of skill with the others.  What a sweet week of learning and forming friendships as well as clay. 

Upcoming Class at the John C. Campbell Folk School

Our class has a few spots remaining!  Come join us.  (click the class title to be directed to the Folk School's page)

The Art of Throwing and Raku Firing

Date: Sunday, Apr 10 - Saturday, Apr 16, 2016
Instructor: Julie HearneHarry Hearne

Develop and improve your throwing skills to make the clay pots of your dreams. Bring your throwing questions, problems, and hopes to these dynamic instructors. Our exploration includes the mystery of centering, the myths of trimming, and the magic of throwing larger forms. Adventurous potters may try combining thrown forms and building totems. Work will be finished in electric and raku kilns. Open to all levels.

Fall/End of Year Show Schedule Complete!!!

It takes a Gypsy Soul to like doing what we do so now you know!  Our schedule has been updated to include two new fall shows, Richmond and Greensboro Craftsmen Classics, as well as scheduling our End of Year Clearance and Christmas Sale, where everything in the studio is 20% off and red dot items are half off.  It is a great time to stop by to purchase gifts or something special for yourself, and to enjoy the merriment of the season. Not to mention a VERY CLEAN STUDIO!!!  It is such a sweet way to end the year.  Come be part of it. 

Meet Gracie, our new reduction kiln!

We are delighted to approach the first firing in our new reduction kiln, build the week of August 9-15, by our dear friend and potter Mark Peters.  Mark has previously built kilns at Penland and at Warren Wilson College as well as various other places.  Named Gracie in hopes the name beckons the grace of the kiln gods, she has a loading area of 31" x 31" x 52" high and will be fueled by four burners.  The welding work was performed by another great friend and Folk School Resident Blacksmith, Paul Garrett.   SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.